Worthington’s First Friday – February

by Maureen McCabe on February 3, 2012

Blue Frost Cupcake and Worthington Hardware, High St, Worthington, Ohio

Blue Frost Cupcake and Worthington Hardware

Worthington’s First Friday is one of ‘365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio.‘  Or twelve things to do throughout the year, if you look at the “downtown” Worthington event that way.  Tonight is the First Friday event in Worthington for February. The idea is to “Eat, Drink and Play” on High Street in Old Worthington. Since it is February there is a wine and chocolate theme. Valentine’s Day is coming up quick.

More Wine

Great Worthin

Emlolly Candy on High St. Worthington Ohio

Emlolly Candy

gton places for wine? Worthington Inn, House Wine, La Chatelaine, Rivage Atlantique. I suppose Old Bag of Nails and P.K. O’Rhyan sell wine too.

Premium Chocolate

Chocolate? Worthington is home to Emlolly Candy*. Graeter’s Ice Cream* is always a great place for chocolate chunks in your ice cream. I suppose the restaurants may have some special

chocolate desserts for First Friday too. Blue Frost Cupcake* surely has some delish chocolate cupcakes.

Free Chocolate (limited quantities)

Other businesses may  treat you to free chocolate… at least Real Living HER (681 High Street, Worthington Ohio) is doing free chocolate… Stop by, say hi… well you will not be able to say hi to me. I am not going to First Friday. I am boycotting the Real Living HER office now. It’s been hard to decide what to say about Worthington’s First Friday here or on my Worthington site since I believed I might not be at the February First Friday.

Will the other businesses treat shoppers to free chocolate?  Go and see.

Or maybe I will go to First Friday (but NOT Real Living HER since I am boycotting it) could be a cool event. Especially if it is warm this evening.

* A number of Worthington shops were NOT open for the January 2012 First Friday. There was spotty participation in October and November 2011 too. The restaurants in Worthington are open for these events  but some of the shops have not been open. With a theme and more organization in February surely, they will be open. We (Real Living HER) have to be open for events like this. We usually have coffee and cookies… for guests.  Well we just had coffee in November, when I alone kept the office open due to a lack of planning. Those first Fridays in a month can sneak up on you.

There are some great shops in Old Worthington including Pure Cottage, Damsels in this Dress, Fritzy Jacobs and more.  It is always interesting to shop at Worthington Hardware.  Hope they are open for the February First Friday.

Shop, Drink and Play in Worthington from 6:00 to 9:00 the First Friday of each month. The first First Friday was July 2011 before our office moved to Worthington. Our first First Friday as an office was October 2011.

Pure Cottage High St. Worthington Ohio

Pure Cottage

365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio

Other events… Saturday is the Gallery Hop in the Short North. What else is there to do this weekend in Columbus?

If you want to promote an event or business (a business that is a thing to do in Columbus Ohio, a fun thing in particular) please add it to the ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’ Facebook page. If it is a good fit, I will post it here.

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