Worthington Farmer’s Market

by Maureen McCabe on May 19, 2012

Worthington Farmer's Market

It’s called the “Olde Worthington Farmer’s Market” but I can’t bear to spell the word “Old” with an e. But the “Olde Worthington Business Owners”runs the farmer’s market so  “Olde” it is.  It’s in Worthington so…

The photo of the farmer’s market booth last week in Worthington is Oink Moo Cluck Farms.  Local raised meat.  Organic meat?  People lined up to buy from ‘Oink Moo Cluck’ last week.  The Worthington Farmer’s Market is tomorrow 9:00 to noon.  The farmer’s market is every Saturday morning through October?  Into October? A long time from now, anyway.

The picture is of the booth in Worthington has the  WorthingtonOldandNews.com watermark.  My Worthington Ohio real estate site, used the photo.  No e in my Old in my site’s name.  I do not like putting a watermark on photos.


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