WordCamp Columbus 2012: Ohio Union

by Maureen McCabe on July 16, 2012

Ohio Union at The Ohio State University Campus

WordCamp Columbus 2012 was at the Ohio Union on the Ohio State campus.  I avoid campus.  Too much traffic.  Lots of it is pedestrian traffic but still…  I avoid campus.

Two years ago, WordCamp Columbus was at  The Ohio State University.  There have been four WordCamps in Columbus.  I have gone to all four… at WordCamp Columbus 2012 during the keynote someone said this was the 3rd WordCamp Columbus, but I would bet money there have been four WordCamps in Columbus.

2009 was the first WordCamp Columbus.  It was at Columbus State.  WordCamp 2010 was at Ohio State… that was PodCamp / WordCamp combined.  Last year was at Columbus State, I believe.  Or the second day was.  I was there.

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I forgot the Ohio Union had been torn down and rebuilt.  I was thinking I would be in the 1950s era Ohio Union I had been to a number of times… while I avoid campus I have been there over the years. I took a class at the Ohio Union about 10 years ago.   What a spectacular building  the Ohio Union is.  I love old buildings… but I love new buildings too. Or gorgeous new buildings anyway.

The Ohio Union is a gorgeous building.

One of the things I loved most about WordCamp 2012 was the Ohio State campus.  Walking on High Street.  People watching.

high school age kids touring the Ohio Union

I should thank MaxFoundry.com for the WordCamp 2012 ticket.  I won the ticket to WordCamp Columbus.  I was kind of torn about going to WordCamp this year.  I did not buy a ticket.  At some point I saw a tweet (?) about winning a ticket.


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1 Angie Meeker July 16, 2012 at 02:52 pm


You’re right – this was the fourth year, and you got the locations right, too.

We were SO pleased with the Union as the location for Camp this year. I just can’t say enough about how the space itself helped us to accomplish this feeling of casual connectedness and conversation we wanted, while at the same time giving us spaces for professional presentations.

The largest space they have available can seat up to 850. We won’t be moving from the Union for a LONG time!

Thanks for coming!


2 Maureen McCabe July 17, 2012 at 09:20 am

I loved the location on Friday at WordCamp Columbus 2011 too. I went on Friday just for the location. Worked for a small group.

Thanks for all the hard work on WordCamp 2011 and WordCamp 2012.

I would probably go to anything held at the Ohio Union, I am in love, (don’t tell my Alma Mater… two great Unions.)

Thanks for the comment.

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