Best 'witches' this Halloween

by Maureen McCabe on October 31, 2008

Real Living ecard

These Halloween safety tips too are from Real Living… why reinvent the wheel…

“Here are some trick-or-treating tips for kids, parents and homeowners to ensure a safe and happy Halloween:

-Carry a flashlight
-Stay on the sidewalk
-Obey traffic signals
-Wear shoes that fit regardless of the costume
-Wear clothing with reflective marking or tape
-Approach homes that are lit only

-Make sure your children eat dinner before heading out
-Accompany any young children
-Let your older children know a specific time they need to be home
-Inspect all the candy your children bring home
-Throw away anything that looks open or suspicious

Home owners:
-Make sure your yard is clear of an possible debris or obstructions
-Make sure pets are secured when opening and closing your doors
-Place any candles or lit pumpkins away from where children will be walking
-Include some healthy trick-or-treat options like packages of fruit rolls and raisons or crackers
-Include some non-food treats like coins, stickers and toys”

Gosh I am neglecting this blog… did not even post anything about the HighBall Maquerade here….

Columbus Trick or Treat

Image and the safety tips are compliments of Real Living the brokerage I work for…. both are from ecards.  If you want to be spammed with an ecard each holiday let me know your email address, I’d be happy to oblige.

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