Top 10 Central Ohio St. Patrick's Day Pet Peeves

by Maureen McCabe on March 17, 2007

Red Leprechaun from Toby and Sadie

This is Columbus Best Blogh… just for a day or two!

1. Four leaf clovers… look at the top of my March E-Newsletter. The shamrock is an Irish symbol, a shamrock has three leaves. Yes… there could be a mutant shamrock just like any other clover but a four leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day makes me #@^&*% angry.

Most of the HER Real Living e-postcards also feature four leaf clovers rather than shamrocks. Marketing people!

2. Drunken Irish jokes…. unless they are really, really funny.

3. Shamrocks (this is a friend’s actually… she is 100% Irish… I’m not.. she is I believe 2nd generation from Ireland I am 5th or 6th? ) She does not like the shamrock… she says that is American, that the harp is Irish…she’s lives in Hilliard.

4. Central Ohio Irish food… I have to say I have really only tried one restaurant that is Irish here…. waited and waited for a table on St. Patrick’s Day and the corned beef and cabbage was slop. I’m cooking corned beef and colcannon today.

5. That there are only 17 days to wear green in March before St. Patrick’s Day and that everyone I run into in Central Ohio feels the need to say “You should have saved it to wear on St. Patrick’s Day…”

6. That I don’t drink Guiness or Irish whiskey…

7. That the Columbus Irish neighborhood, Flytown is gone. It was south of Goodale Park (there is a marker) where 670 comes through…

8. That Irish history in Central Ohio has nothing to do with my people….

9. Getting kicked out of St. Patrick Church on St. Patrick’s Day….because the mass is for the Columbus Irish organizations… mass is at Holy Cross now not St. Patrick Church.

10. Having to choose between St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Columbus and St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin Ohio….

I tried to post an Irish flag to decorate this list but the green, white and orange Irish flag looks really, really ugly on this red blog. I read leprechauns originally wore red not green so if I had a leprechaun in red it would look great on the blog… but I don’t….. Mid month… February 2007 sales are out so there’s lots of green on Discover Columbus where I post market reports for Central Ohio. Dublin graph

Edit Red Leprechaun comploiments of Toby and Sadie! Thanks

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1 Toby & Sadie March 19, 2007 at 09:12 am

Here you go!

2 moinoh March 20, 2007 at 06:53 pm

Thanks for the leprecahun dressed in red Toby and Sadie.

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