The Future Revealed: TEDx Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on September 30, 2012

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2012 TEDx Columbus  - The Future Revealed

Tomorrow,  Monday at noon is your last chance to buy a ticket to TEDx Columbus 2012: tickets. “The Future Revealed” BUT and this is a big butt….  I mean but.  You can watch the TEDx Columbus 2012 talks in their entirety in Clintonville at Studio 35 on Friday as they take place:

“And the good news is for those of you who couldn’t afford to come or were late to buy seats — we are thrilled to announce that Studio 35 (on Indianola, north of Weber in Clintonville) will be livestreaming the event from their theater from end-to-end for free. Their concession stand (complete with pizza ordering options!) will be open for snacks, lunch and beverages (adult too!).  If you plan to attend the Studio 35 viewing, please make note that the breaks will be roughly from 1030-11, 1230 – 130 and 3-330. The formal streamed program will end around 4:30pm. No registration is required. “


No registration?

An opportunity to buy pizza and beer… and see the current TEDx Columbus talks in real-time is a pretty good deal.

The real thing… TEDx Columbus is Friday, October 5, 2012 at COSI in Columbus.  You can still buy tickets until noon, Monday October 1,2012.

 TEDx Columbus the past

The first TEDx Columbus Global was at OSU at the Wexner Center.

TEDx Columbus 2010:  What next?    What Next?  was at CCAD.

2011 was at COSI :   TEDx Columbus – A Moment in Time – 11-11-11

The image is a Wordle of the words from the program at TEDx Columbus 2011.  I am not sure if I ever posted it.

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