TEDx Columbus: The Bug Guy

by Maureen McCabe on December 13, 2011

I went to a TED Global event TEDx Columbus sponsored last summer and the bug guy was there.  The bug guy was  there and talking to Ruth Milligan, not sure if he was already a speaker at the 11-11-11 event, but when I saw the bug guy was on the agenda I was not surprised.

The bug guy, Mark Berman’s talk worth sharing  at the TEDx Columbus 2011, a Moment in Time on 11-11-11 was “Respect the Bug”…

Mark Berman a naturalist, educator, entomologist presented “Respect the Bug.”  Berman is the founder of BUGMAN Educational Entoprises (BEE.)

Have you ever thought about what’s your favorite bug?

Nice to hear about bugs in Columbus and it NOT being about bed bugs.

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