Rain, rain go away… Frankenstorm

by Maureen McCabe on October 27, 2012

Rain, rain go away… tonight is Highball Halloween  and we are starting the Frankenstorm Weekend of 2012.

Highball Halloween Columbus 2009 Death by A, Blight

I am NEVER in Columbus on Halloween or even Halloween weekend… but I am this year.   This photo is Andrew Blight’s from 2009. He has some great Highball Halloween photos in his Flickr photostream,  A. Blight. This is one of his best.  He has the photo categorized as “My best.”

Halloween 2012costumes

Costumes incorporating an umbrella? Mary Poppins, Charlie Chaplin.  Costumes not needing an umbrella?  The Gorton’s Fisherman, a wet suit….

Highball Halloween is between the Short North and the Arena District this year.  Highball Halloween has always been in the Short North other years?  Highball Halloween is on High Street.

Other things to do this weekend?  No one has added anything on ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ on Facebook this week.  Pet parades? Ghost tours?  The usual Halloween fun and games…  Trick -or-Treat is on Halloween in most central Ohio communities in 2012.  Wednesday.

By Wednesday will the Frankenstorm dire predictions be long forgotten? As Sandy (just a tropical storm now) heads up the east coast and a cold front brings us rain from the west…  meteorologists promise us a stormy weekend.  Those east of Ohio will have stormier weather, more stormy.  Cold coming from the north too?  Snow?  White death in October with leaves on the trees?  Please snow be east of central Ohio.

Best Costume of 2012 Frankenstorm

You could stay dry as Frankenstorm even if it is still raining tonight.  A Frankenstein mask and a wet suit?  Or a Frankenstein mask and a rain slicker?  Go to Highball Halloween or other Halloween party in 2012 as Frankenstorm…

Andrew Blight’s photo ‘A Well-Dressed Death Awaits You’ is licensed with a Creative Common license.   Thanks to Andrew.   Pinterest posting of the image was modified in June 2013 (not that it was ever posted to Pinterest, just that it can not be using the Pin It button here. )   I don’t believe in using other’s images to increase traffic from social media sites.  I believe  traffic should to go to the owner’s original photo.   Thanks!

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