Worthington’s Queen ______ and King ____

by Maureen McCabe on February 21, 2007

The Queen

HER Real Living Worthington Ohio… it’s Queen ____ and King ____. _____ ____  was crowned queen at the HER Real Living Worthington office 2007 Mardi Gras party. The new king is ______  ______.

I prophesied the king. I sent the prophecy of the newly crowned king and queen to Maureen Francis in Michigan in a sealed email envelope yesterday morning (I like guessing.. I did it with the RealTown Blogs of the Day too… I think I got two of those right…)

Back to Mardi Gras in Worthington Ohio… so few men…so much time. _____ was an easy guess and will make a great king in 2007.

I did not guess _____ but I am thrilled with the choice by the powers that be… (it is magic… I told ____  ____  that and then tried to back pedal… divine… magic… what does a minister want to hear? __ it happens….)

Previous Mardi Gras Kings in no particular order because I can’t really remember the order:

Previous Mardi Gras Queen’s in no particular order because…just because

There was not great attendence at the party, some illness, some disinterest, some needed to watch the Wisconsin vs. Michigan State basketball game…. My Badger buddy_____ called that one… boo hoo… I am not going to say what Pat prophesied about Sunday’s Badger Buckeye matchup… I’ll mail it to Maureen Francis in Michigan in a sealed email envelope.

Ooooh this one needs polka dots. 2007 Logo

All local names removed December 2010. One person threw a fit that their name was “mentioned on the Internet.”   Only thing removed is names.  Do you see me saying something nasty about anyone?

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1 moinoh February 22, 2007 at 12:27 pm

Of course they are worthy sites or you wouldna chose them. I am glad to now be aware of those sites. Thanks….

I don’t think I kept a copy of what I sent Maureen Francis…. I know there were some on my list that have not come up YET… but they will.

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