Others ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’

by Maureen McCabe on May 7, 2013

Others share “Things to do”

Welcome to Clintonville sign at Worthington city line

A thing to do in Columbus Ohio this week  is celebrate coffee and community with Crimson Coffee Cup in Clintonville.   Crimson Cup Coffee is celebrating their 22nd. anniversary on  Thursday,  May 9, 2013.

The Crimson Cup Coffee event on Facebook says:

Join us at the coffee house to celebrate 22 years of coffee and community! We are hosting a community cupping on May 9 at 9:00am, Noon and 7:00pm. Cupping on this day is free, join us to learn more about the coffee you love.”

The event lists “Things to do’ at the local coffee house on  Thursday including  Goodies to sample from local bakeries”  and “Face Painting from 2 – 6pm”  and  “Dizzy Doc Balloon artist from 5-7pm”  and  “A Fun, origin photo backdrop for pictures, ALL DAY!” 

Where is Crimson Cup Coffee?

4541 N. High Street,  Columbus, Ohio.  Questions about their 22nd anniversary, etc. ?  Crimson Cup Coffee’s phone number is 614 262-6212

Muchas gracias to El Vaquero Restaurants for sharing their Cinco de Mayo celebration…on ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ on Facebook  last Friday.   El Vaquero Mexican Restaurants  started a trend of Others sharing.  Thanks to El Vaquero Mexican Restaurants, Crimson Cup Coffee and Ender Wiggin for posting a ‘Thing to do in Columbus’ on the Facebook page this past weekend.  Things show up as “Recent Posts by Others” on the right side of the Facebook page:


Recent Posts by Others  
Shared by Others
Usually when you look at most of the Recent Posts by Others … they are almost always shared by Maureen McCabe.  Usually because I shared them wrong at first, sharing them as me rather than as  the Facebook page.  When at first I don’t succeed I try, try again.  I am NOT a natural at Facebook…
I was thrilled with the  ‘Things to do’ shared by El Vaquero Mexican Restaurants, Crimson Cup Coffee and Ender Wiggins!
One tacky thing was posted too…  “Come over and like our page”  is not a thing to do in Columbus.  If the Facebook page had value people would like it.  I asked that the tacky thing which was NOT a thing to do in Columbus Ohio be removed from the Facebook page.

Rule(s) of thumb

Photos rule…  A photograph is almost always the best thing to reshare… on Facebook.  Computer generated graphics do not get as many views.  A photograph gets hundreds of views.  The tacky image posted on ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’  got 18 views in almost 24 hours.  A photograph posted this weekend got over 300 in less time.

Putting the link to the business / organization / event link in the  box that say’s “Write something… “  is usually best to create traffic and answer questions about where and when.  I prefer a link to a website rather than a link to the Facebook page… If you share a Thing to do in Columbus Ohio on the Facebook page or any other right (post on your page or as an event and share to another page), you already have a link to your Facebook page.   Why NOT get people to your website where you have more information?   Unless you have duplicated your business’ website on Facebook your website has the answers to when and where that people are usually going to have about events and places (things to do are usually events and places.) I will reshare events on the Facebook page no matter how you share them and I do say thank you!  Thank you, Gracias to most of the Others… who shared “things to do in Columbus Ohio’ last weekend.

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