Memorial Tournament: Thanks for the Rain, Muirfield

by Maureen McCabe on June 2, 2012

Thanks for the rain, Memorial Tournament, we needed that.

Leatherlips Memorial

Leatherlips - Dublin, Ohio

Really.  We really, really needed the rain on Thursday night and Friday.  Grass at the end of May 2012 looked as if it was the end of July, beginning of August in central Ohio.  Grass goes dormant here in the heat of summer most years.  Well the grass in some neighborhoods goes brown,  not necessarily in neighborhoods like Muirfield and certainly not on the golf course.

The Memorial Tournament is this weekend at the Muirfield Village Golf Club, if anyone does not know because they have not been stuck in traffic, watched the news or is just not from around these parts.

May 2012 the grass was a little dry.  The ground was hard.   I stick things in the ground for a living (signs, flags, etc.)  the ground was hard before yesterday’s rain.

Thanks for the rain, Leatherlips.  You know about the curse of Chief Leatherlips, don’t you?  Leatherlip’s curse is why it rains the years it rains at the Memorial Tournament.  The monument pictured at the top of this post is on Riverside Drive in Dublin (nowhere near Muirfield.) The image is a memorial to a Native American who lived and died in the Dublin area long ago.   The story of Chief Leatherlips and why it rains at the Memorial Tournament.  Some would call it a “ghost story.”  I did in October 2009 when I wrote about Chief Leatherlips and why it rains at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio.  The story is on a real estate site I write.

I am waiting to hear from someone about getting out to Muirfield today, I have not been to the Memorial Tournament since the late 1980s.  Payne Stewart was playing when I went to the Memorial Tournament last.  Stewart was quite  the dapper dresser, Payne Stewart wore knickers.  Payne Stewart died in 1999.

I went to the Memorial Tournament back in the late 1980s before I moved to Columbus.  I lived in a suburb of Dayton when I attended The Memorial Tournament. I moved to Columbus just before the Memorial Tournament in 1990.  I did not get to go to the Memorial Tournament in 1990, or since.  I was unpacking the house in 1990.  Play was called in 1990 because of the rain.

Beautiful day today.  I am waiting to hear from someone… I hope I get to go out to Muirfield today.  I will be a guest of The Memorial Tournament. I hope.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, we are disclosing that our time, travel and accommodations have been compensated by The Memorial Tournament for our participation in this event.   Although we have a material connection to The Memorial Tournament, any publicly stated opinion of the tournament remain our own.

we = I
our = my
time is my own…
travel … just a hop, skip and a jump….
accommodations – Social Media Cafe is new this year at The Memorial

Photo Credit: The photo is from hickr’s Flickr photostream and is licensed with a Creative Commons license which I believe allows me to use it here.

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