Invite Carlos Danger to YOUR “Pedal” Wagon Party

by Maureen McCabe on August 4, 2013

Carlos Danger a guests at your Columbus Peddle   “Pedal” Wagon Party?  Perhaps.  If you win, your guests are your choice…

Columbus Pedal Wagon


All partiers / peddlers*    (that should be spelled pedalers… spell check does not like that) have to sign a waiver.  All peddlers “pedalers?”  sign the waiver whenever they get on the Peddle  “Pedal” Wagon.

“I understand that operating and riding the Pedal Wagon is a potentially dangerous activity. I assume the risk that I may be seriously injured and/or injure someone else while using the Pedal Wagon.”

The waiver is on the Columbus Peddle Wagon   “Pedal Wagon” site (the Cinci and Columbus Peddle Wagons “Pedal Wagons”have one site.)  Columbus Peddle Wagon  “Pedal Wagon”  has a Facebook page.  Like it.   They’ll like that.  It won’t get you into the drawing to win a Peddle Wagon  “Pedal Wagon” Party but the Cbus Peddle Wagon“Cbus Pedal Wagon” will like that you like their Facebook page.

The Peddle Wagon  “Pedal Wagon” site.  There is not a place to win the Pedal Wagon Party there….  You can book a party for yourself and friends on their website.  The Peddle Wagon “Pedal Wagon”  has standards.  Things that can get you kicked off the wagon with no refund:

-Possession of an open container of alcohol while on the Pedal Wagon.
-Excessive intoxication
-Excessive Loudness
-Verbal or physical harassment of other riders, the Guide, or third parties.
-Refusal to yield to the requests of the Pedal Wagon Guide.
-Physically endangering themselves by acting careless on the bike (i.e. jumping off the moving Pedal Wagon, pushing others, etc.)

Maybe Carlos Danger is NOT a great choice of people to invite to your Peddle Wagon* “Pedal Wagon” party.

Comment on the July 31, 2013 post to enter the drawing. Name a friend or up to 14 friends you would invite to your Columbus Peddle Wagon “Pedal Wagon” Party.  Real names or your pet names for your friends.


>>>> Win a Columbus Peddle Wagon Party <<<<


Comments are closed on this post… comment on the July 31, 2013 Columbus Pedal Wagon post on for a chance to win.  Comment daily.  Ask your friends to participate, commenting on the post linked above.  They’d definitely ask you to be at the Columbus Peddle Wagon   Ask your friends to participate, commenting on the post linked above.  They’d definitely ask you to be at the Columbus Peddle Wagon Party if they win it, won’t they?Party if they win it, won’t they?

The Peddle Wagon “Pedal Wagon” Party is from Cbus / Columbus Peddle Wagon “Pedal Wagon”to one lucky winner.  The one lucky winner can invite up to 14 guests.  There is no cash value (you can not redeem the winning for cash) but at $30 a seat… that is a $450.00 party.  The Pedal Wagon goes about 5 miles an hour.  The party lasts two hours.   Not very dangerous….

Increase the chances of winning by getting your friends to comment with friends names too.

* Spelling counts.  It’s “Pedal Wagon” not Peddle…  duh! Originally titled “Invite Carlos Danger to YOUR  Peddle Wagon Party”   Oops Peddling  would be like selling!   I spelled pedal right a few places here.   Off to see if I spelled “Pedal” or “pedal”  wrong on the first two posts.

Comments closed, comment on the July 31, 2013 entry to enter the drawing for a Columbus Peddle Wagon  “Pedal Wagon” Party!

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