Hey Losers… Pedal Wagon Party

by Maureen McCabe on September 8, 2013

by “losers” I mean those who did NOT win the Cbus Pedal Wagon Party that was raffled off on ColumbusBestBlog.com in August 2013.  Caryn was the winner of that party.

Columbus Pedal Wagon

Cbus Pedal Wagon Facebook page.

Quick name the Cbus Pedal Wagon #1  on the Cbus Pedal Wagon Facebook page (link above)

Today.  Do it today before it is too late.  Name the Pedal Wagon.

Get your friends to comment with a name (on the CBus Pedal Wagon Facebook page) too.  They’d include you in their Pedal Wagon Party wouldn’t they?

Hey those who did not win a Pedal Wagon Party

Those who did not win sounds a lot nicer than “LOSERS” doesn’t it?   And of course that is what I mean.

The Pedal Wagon website says:

  • Meet “Happy Feet” formerly known as Pedal Wagon . Congrats to our WINNER! Stay tuned for our next contest.. http://t.co/59IfZnvLbC
  • Our Pedal Wagon needs a NAME! go to our page: http://t.co/3pTcjN5zyL for a chance to win a FREE for you and your friends!

Hey … just hey

Caryn won the prize in August  from  Columbus Pedal Wagon, a two hour outing with 14 of her friends.   Caryn and her friends did their Pedal Wagon Party really quick.  I wanted to go take a few  photos but I could not.   I know Caryn is a fan of the Pedal Wagon… as are her friends.

Columbus Pedal Wagon Party: Win It

Invite Carlos Danger to YOUR “Pedal” Wagon Party

Columbus Pedal Wagon an Unconventional Meeting Place 

The Pedal Wagon seats 16, a driver, you and 14 friends.  You do not drink on the Pedal Wagon… even if it looks like a bar on wheels…. you know open container laws but a pub crawl is a popular way to party on the Columbus Peddle Wagon.

What are you doing hanging out here?  Get to the Facebook page and name that Pedal Wagon.

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