HER Realtors Cookbooks FREE

by Maureen McCabe on May 26, 2010

HER Realtors Cookbooks FREE  - “collectible”

You can find HER Realtors Cookbooks for sale online on  ebay

HER Realtors Cookbooks on ebay

and on Amazon.com for sale  and on other sites online…  for $$

HER Realtors Cookbooks FREE

Or you can stop by an Open House: 1344 Snowmass Rd. Columbus Ohio 43235 Sunday May 30, 2010 2 to 4 PM and pick up the HER Realtor Cookbook editions you need to complete your collection.

Or your mom’s collection?

Your grandma’s collection?

There were 18 HER Realtors  Cookbooks published.  The 50th Anniversary Edition was published in 2004, that was the 18th HER Realtors.com cookbook. I believe the first HER Realtors cookbook was published during Gerald Ford’s presidency, between 1974 and 1977.  Looks like the first HER Realtors Cookbook was published in 1975.

1 copy per cookbook edition per family  while supplies last.  Limited to stock on hand.  I don’t have all editions.  These are NOT used cookbooks…  you do not have to attend the open house, in fact we don’t really want you traipsing through the house unless you are looking for a home!  Just stop by to pick up a few cookbooks.

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