Haunted Ohio – The Big House

by Maureen McCabe on October 26, 2007

Mansfield ReformatoryA bit of a drive from Columbus but Haunted Attractions  calls Mansfield “North Central Ohio.”  The north part of Central Ohio?  Or the central part of Northern Ohio. 

 The architecture of “the big house” is something to behold.  

If any place is haunted, of course the old penitentiary there has got to be haunted.

The Halloween Experience “The Night They Came Home” in MansfieldOhio  is 15 dollars per person.  

Dead Ohio – Mansfield Reformatory

Mansfield Reformatory Official Site

The Reformatory has Ghost Hunts and Ghost Tours throughout the year.   The Ghost Hunts and Ghost Tours  for 2007 are sold out but the 2008 schedule is up. 

More info Wikipedia about The Ohio State Reformatory - Including the prisons  starring role in films.

The photo is from Wikipedia  in the public domain (OK to use!)

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