Happy New Year Columbus – Year of the Snake

by Maureen McCabe on February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

2013 AD on the calendar we use is  the “Chinese Year” 4711, 4710, or 4650. It depends I guess.   This year on the lunar calendar is  the Year of the Snake.

The ‘New Year’ is the Spring Festival in China and other Asian countries.

Are you celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend?

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Columbus Best Chinese Restaurant What’s your favorite Chinese restaurant in central Ohio?

I believe we have about two weeks to celebrate the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.  Or maybe not I just took a horrible online quiz (pop up ad between question and answers.)  The quiz said the New Year starts at the beginning of the month and ends about the 15th.  I think sometimes the Chinese New Year starts late in January.  I’m confused.

I am NOT sure if there is a Chinese “New Years Eve” but I am celebrating  the Chinese New Year tonight.

I knew a woman who was big into Feng Shui, her ancestry was Italian…. huh?  I sometimes think she was in the home staging field, but no she was a Feng Shui “expert”?  Feng Shui “Practitioner?”   Anyway she died a few years ago.   A few things I remember to celebrate the Chinese New Year:

  • Sweep your house today because it would be bad luck to sweep it tomorrow.  I am not sure about vacuuming.  These are ancient Chinese rules.
  • Take the trash out today.  It will be bad luck to take it out the next five days.   If you are in a Columbus trash “Color” that takes the big green bin to the street through Thursday what are you gonna do?   Little blue recycle bins too.  Perhaps as long as it is juts rolled down to the curb Columbus is OK.  I think Riverlea has Monday trash pick up.  Lucky Worthington is Friday.  Others?
  • Wear red to celebrate the New Year.
  • Tangerines are good luck.

Chinese Zodiac

I did not eat Chinese food until I was in my 20s.   I did not like it at first but I fell in love with Chinese food when I lived in Akron, Ohio.  The paper place mats at restaurants with the Chinese Astrology on them thrilled me.  I probably have one tucked away somewhere.

Legend has it Buddha gathered the animals and those that showed up became the 12 Zodiac signs.

Dog, Dragon, Goat, Horse, Monkey, Ox, Pig, Rat, Rooster,  Snake, Tiger…  I am missing one.  There is no Cat in the Chinese.  Rabbit is Cat in Vietnam?  That’s it.  I am missing Rabbit!  How could I?

I was born in the ‘Year of the Dog.’

The  “Wood”, “Fire”, “Earth”, “Metal” and other intricacies of the Chinese Zodiac are beyond me…

“Chuc Mung Nam Moi” or “Happy New Year!”

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