Happy Hallowiener Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on October 21, 2006

Happy HalloweinerCentral Ohio is an animal loving community.  I have sold homes to a few OSU Vet students, they have dogs and cats and one had a pot belly pig.  In fact she was very active in pot belly pig rescue.

A dog loving friend sent me an email with this photo of wiener dogs dressed up along with a bunch of others.  Lots of pugs seem to dress up, chihuahas and other small dogs…. There’s a great photos of bulldog dressed up in a tux.  Wiener dogs are my favorite though and the “hot dog” costume is always appropriate.

The Capital Area Humane Society sponsors the Halloween Pet Parade at Easton Town Center next Sunday.   Dress up your pets in festive Halloween costumes:  “The event, which is in its seventh year at Easton Town Center, raises money to help the abused, abandoned and homeless animals of Central Ohio. Awards given include Best, Scariest and Funniest Costumes. ”

Easton Event

Capital Area Humane Society

My dear mutt Buddy is morally opposed to dressing up.  He has a devil costume… a cape and some horns.  He’d rather chew the costume up than wear it.

Would a pot belly pig owner dress up the pig? Someplace I have photos of ferrets dressed up for Halloween…  What about rabbits? Do Columbus rabbits wear Halloween costumes…? The House Rabbit Society is active in Columbus. As a kid we used to dress the neighborhood cats, puppies and rabbits up in doll clothes, wonder what PETA thinks about that.

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