Happy Halloween Columbus – poll

by Maureen McCabe on October 31, 2009

A link to a poll - How do you like your Halloween haunts?

Halloween Poll on PollDaddy

I’m using a link to the page on PollDaddy.

Do you like your Central Ohio Halloween haunts



Retro (monsters?)


Rated G?

I am asking about your personal taste….

A couple of weeks ago Rita Price of the Columbus Dispatch wrote an article about the Haunted Hoochie a Central Ohio Halloween attraction.   A quote from that article says:

“Industry representatives acknowledge that haunted houses outgrew Frankenstein and Dracula long ago. Like amusement parks and their roller-coaster wars, the big Halloween attractions try to one-up one another with increasingly realistic effects and costumes.”

Happy Halloween and remember FALL BACK!  You know that setting the clocks back an hour… sleep in tomorrow.

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