Happy Columbus Day 2010

by Maureen McCabe on October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day 2010, Columbus!

It is a trash pick-up holiday in Columbus.  Columbus city employees or some Columbus city anyway are off work today for the Columbus Day Holiday.  Suburbs?

Columbus City Schools  are NOT off, school today.  OSU classes are in session, Columbus State get’s the date off.

Some?  All? State, federal and city offices are closed in downtown Columbus.

Breaking news… there is no Columbus Day Parade in Columbus!

There is no parade in downtown Columbus today (city, state and federal offices are closed.) There has not been a parade in Columbus on Columbus Day in years.   There was a parade in Italian Village yesterday.  I could not go.  I love a parade.  I used to have a fella who would come and comment on each and every holiday that downtown Columbus did not have a holiday. He turned out to be an employee of a local  newspaper.

Italian Festival 2010 is over but Experience Columbus Days continues through today.  There is a lot to do in Columbus and Central Ohio today if you got the day off.  Visit ExperienceColumbusDays.com for details and discounts.

ooops Columbus Day is half over..  I went looking for my Christopher Columbus statue photo and  got sidetracked… I’d use a photo of the ship Columbus rode in on but an icky email from a volunteer perusing the Internet for people talking about the museum ship thing on the Scioto makes me think not such a great idea.  A photo less Columbus Day post.

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