FREE tea Ohio #72

by Maureen McCabe on May 21, 2010

# 72 of ’365 Things To Do in Columbus Ohio’ is Free iced tea today in Ohio (and other Midwest states) from Speedway / SuperAmerica gas stations.  In one place I saw FREE tea  runs from 6 AM to 6 PM.  It is a free 22 ounce iced tea.

Iced tea poll:

Speedway / SuperAmerica  have both sweetened and unsweetened fresh brewed tea.  I don’t know if sweetened qualifies as “sweet tea” as I an unsweetened tea drinker.

I tried some of the Speedway iced tea earlier this month while “dying of thirst” between home showings.   I tried it again while “dying of thirst” on Tuesday Morning.  It tastes so fresh.  Fresher than tea made at home?  Fresher than restaurant iced tea?    Or was I just that thirsty? I will try some today while not “dying of thirst” and see if it is still so astounding.

Did you know Speedway / SuperAmerica is based in Ohio?  Enon, which is near Dayton.

My #’s for ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio’ are seriously messed up. I think I got ’365 Places to Live in Columbus’ and ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio’ mixed up earlier this week….

Columbus Tea Party Line

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