FREE food… Columbus Chick-fil-A

by Maureen McCabe on May 24, 2010

Chick-fil-aReserve a Spicy Chicken sandwich now before it is too late….   Get Spicy Chicken

It’s too late for  Chick-fil-A at Polaris Parkway…

“0 reservations remaining”

actually that is the Chick-fil-A on Sancus Blvd… the Chick-fil-A  on Polaris Parkway (in Polaris Fashion Place mall) still has a couple of hundred reservations available.

The free sandwich is available for May 31 to June 5, 2010 (with a reservation.)

E. Broad St. is out of luck as well.  Grove City, Hilliard and Dublin (Tuttle Mall area) still have reservations available.  The Spicy Chicken Sandwich goes on the Chick-fil-A menu in Columbus on June 7, 2010 according to their site.

This is # 74 75 of ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio’

The photo is in Texas…  not Ohio.  Thanks to maigrey   for a Chikc-fil-A  photo with  a Creative Commons license.    maigrey’s photostream I love the cows in Chick-fil-A’s ads.

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