Festival Latino

by Maureen McCabe on June 17, 2007


It took me a year but I tried “elotes” at Festival Latino last night. An elote? Corn on the cob with mayo, cheese (like a parmesan, queso fresco?) lime (according to the sign) and chili powder. More than one place had elotes but we went to the Taco George stand because I have remembered how great their tacos and tamales were for a year. The taco I had this year was not as good but the elote was great. I told the women in line with us that last year I thought about it but did not try elotes. They were hesitant to try one this year… “maybe next year.”

You could really taste the chili powder. The woman who made my elote up asked me if I wanted chili powder, so I guess I could have said “no mucho” (not much?) Un pocito (a little bit?)

There was lots of good music, my favorite a small group from Chile or Bolivia? Somewhere in the Andes.I have seen them, heard them before.

I forgot a camera, the taco pictured is not one from last night. The Taco George Taco was just meat, cilantro and onions. Authentic. No tomato.

We should have tried Salvadoran, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican food or something I don’t eat all the time. We had mexican food Friday night. I wanted to try elotes.

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