Experience Columbus Days 2011

by Maureen McCabe on October 6, 2011

This weekend is Experience Columbus Days in Columbus because this coming Monday is Columbus Day. Details of all the things to do in Central Ohio  for Experience Columbus Days 2011 are on the Experience Columbus site.   There is 50% off many attractions and entertainment venues througout Central Ohio this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  There is  25% off a number off many local restaurants.   From the Experience Columbus website “Experience Columbus is the official travel and tourism resource for Columbus, Ohio. 614-221-6623, 866-397-2657 “

Italian Village Columbus, Ohio

Italian Village, St. John the Baptist Church


Places to visit in Columbus Ohio, this Experience Columbus Days weekend include:

  • The Columbus Zoo
  • COSI
  • Franklin Park Convervatory
  • Columbus Museum of Art
  • Santa Maria

The Columbus Italian Festival in Italian Village is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   There is a $2 off one day admission coupon on the Experience Columbus Days information on the Experience Columbus site.   The Columbus Italian Festival is again trying for the biggest meatball….

A parade on Sunday?  There is usually a parade on Sunday at the Columbus Italian Festival.

One of the things people often wine about on Monday is that Columbus Ohio does not have a Columbus Day Parade on Columbus Day.

Tomorrow is the Santa Maria’s 20th Birthday?  Details on the Experience Columbus site.

Experience Columbus has a new theme this year, other years the theme was “Come Play in our Backyard”  I miss the elephant in the back yard.  Bodhi, the older baby elephant (6 years old?)  is moving to Denver soon.  This may be a good weekend to say good-bye to Bodhi.

There’s a lot to do in Central Ohio besides Experience Columbus Days.  Friday is First Friday in Worthington.  There is an event on the Worthington Village Green on Saturday.

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