Eat Your Vegetables Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on September 7, 2013

Eat your fruit and vegetables Columbus!

Worthington Farmers Market September 2013

I like the Worthington Farmers Market myself.  Some Saturday mornings I wake up and think I should go to the farmers market  in Clintonville  but I don’t.  Not that there is anything wrong with the Clintonville Farmers Market.  They don’t have dogs this year… The Clintonville Farmers Market banned dogs earlier this year? Or I believe I heard that.  The Worthington Farmers Market allows dogs and strollers and wagons and elderly people who stop dead in their tracks in the strong currents of moving fruit and vegetable seekers on both sides of High Street.  Those things may make a Saturday morning very memorable.

Come back and read on Monday September 9, 2013 for a “coupon” for fruits and vegetables.  It’s not a Farmers Market coupon.  I saw a lady use a coupon at the Worthington Farmers Market today. I wonder where she got that coupon?

Worthington Farmers Market: Dogs

I love dogs.   I don’t have a dog.  I don’t know if my dog when he was still alive ever went to the Worthington Farmers Market with me.  I don’t think he would have enjoyed a Farmers Market on many levels.  He was a Beagle mix.  Buddy got the Beagle nose.  He was ruled by his nose.  Events with food could be downright dangerous with Buddy and his leash.  Although fruits and vegetables are not as enticing to canines there is meat, bakery, honey, jams,  cheese and more sold at the market, so I doubt I ever brought him to the Worthington Farmers Market.   Nor would I have taken my first dog, Sox also a Beagle mix to a farmer’s market.

Buddy liked fruits and vegetables.  Or some fruits and vegtables.  He loved apples.  He like carrots like most dog.  He liked broccoli (the stems anyway)  a lot.  He turned up his nose at other vegetables after begging for the scraps. Vegetables he did not  like asparagus and celery come to mind.  There are some fruits and vegetables dogs should not eat.  Grapes and onions. Someone told me Buddy should not eat broccoli.  He stopped for a short time but he fell off the wagon a few years before he passed away.  Cause of death?  Oldness.

I can use both arms to carry fruits and vegetables rather than one arm to control my dog.  Not my dog because Buddy is dead and gone… but let’s say I ever did get another dog, even if the dog was not a mutt with a Beagle nose, I probably would never take him to a Farmers Market. Not that I resent other people having dogs at the Worthington Farmers Market.  The sidewalks  on High Street in Worthington are kind of clogged on Saturday mornings but most of the dogs are well behaved and their owners handle them and their fruits and vegetables admirably.

I saw a lot of dogs at the Worthington Farmers Market this morning.  As I was leaving I stopped and talked to a lady with a Soft Coated Wheaten  Terrier. The two of them were sitting on a bench just south of  the Worthington Farmers Market today.  My arms were too laden down with bags of vegetables this morning to pet the dog.  Too bad, I love touching their coat.   I love dogs.  I like dog watching as much as people watching most Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market.

One of the booths in the photo at the top is selling dog food.  The blue “tent” with the green flag.  It’s dog food.  Organic?  I did not even pay attention to the booth.  I don’t have a dog.

Local Vegetables: Worthington Farmers Market


I ran off without my list this morning.  The Saturday September 7, 2013 Worthington Farmers Market list read:

  • tomatoes
  • corn
  • beets
  • lettuce
  • zucchini

I miraculously got ALL those things without my list.  I thought I would call home and ask what was on the list on the counter but when my arms got too weighted down with bags of produce, I lost my will to know what I had written down.  It is too hard to use my phone, it’s camera and all the apps once I have bags of tomatoes, corn, beets, more beets, lettuce, zucchini, green beans, cilantro, green onions and  tomatillos (spelling?)  hanging from my arms.  I had snapped the photo above and shared it Facebook on the ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’   page.  I had checked in on Facebook.  I had answered the call from my bank alerting me that $20.00 had been removed from my bank account.   I checked in on Foursquare as I arrived.  Foursquare told me it’s been five weeks since I’ve been to   The second phone call from my bank that I had charged the tomatoes, corn, zucchini, green beans and raspberries to my card,  I ignored and let go into voice mail.  My arms were really, really weighted down with vegetables and a pint of raspberries.

Local Fruit…

I am just not a big  fruit eater.  I prefer vegetables.  Not raw vegetables necessarily.  I wish I liked fruit more.  There was no fruit on this week’s shopping  list.  The lack of fruit on the list  is partially related to the Monday, September 9, 2013 Food post on   I could NOT resist buying raspberries today.  I bought a pint of berries from the Wishingwell Farms booth at the Worthington Farmers Market.  

365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio

One of the things I really really like about a Farmers Market is the people watching…  the farmers markets, Worthington, Clintonville or elsewhere in central Ohio are  a thing to do.  For me a farmers market is kind of like an adult version of  trick-or-treat.  Of course you have to pay for the vegetables and fruit at a farmers market, people don’t just throw a bunch of beets or a cabbage in your bag.  People are not dressed as colorfully at a farmers market as they are on Halloween but the farmers markets are a thing to do in Columbus Ohio that I indulge in most Saturday mornings.

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