Dark Of The Moon

by Maureen McCabe on August 8, 2010

Actors Theatre Schiller Park ‘Dark Of  The Moon’  is the current Actors Theatre play in Schiller Park.   The American play is being performed tonight and weekends through Sept 5, 2010.  This is the third and final play of this season.

The Actors Theatre

‘Dark Of The Moon’  is an American version of   Romeo and Juliet kinda.  ‘Dark Of The Moon’ is  based in the Appalachian Mountains… only Romeo is a “witch boy.”   The play is also from the folk song ‘The Ballad of Barbara Allen.’  Kinda.

The song ‘The Ballad of Barbara Allen’ in this play… tells the story…

“A witch boy from the mountain came,
A-pinin’ to be human,
Fer he had seen the fairest gal…
A gal named Barbara Allen.”

After seeing ‘Dark Of The Moon’ last night I Googled the name and read more about the history of the play.  It is considered a controversial play…I guess I had noticed that Actor’s Theatre says it may not be suitable for children. Wikipedia spelled it out in their synopsis.   The lyrics above are from Wikipedia.  I guess a couple of scenes were so subtle I did not necessarily “get it.”  Perhaps that was better.  I really enjoyed the play.  I was sad at the end.

This is one of ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio.’

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