Columbus Pet Costume Contest

by Maureen McCabe on October 27, 2007

Buddy in devil costumeDo some canines like to dress up?  My dog Buddy does not like wearing costumes.  

The winner Raul an English Bulldog won the Columbus Dispatch’s 2007 Pet Costume Contest, dressed as Henry VIII complete with wives heads (they look like Barbie Doll heads to me. ) Raul’s costume really is creative.

2007 Pet Costume Contest - Slide Show on The Columbus Dispatch website.

The second prize winner, Beau, a French mastiff is wearing my dog Buddy’s Devil costume or similar…probably a lot larger devil costume and Beau wears it well and as the judges noted Beau has the right expression.  This photo is from years ago and although you can not see Buddy’s expression you can see Buddy did not want to dress up as a devil. 

This was the best photo of Buddy in costume.  Hardly a photo that will win a dog costume contest.  It is almost impossible to photograph a dog who does not want to wear a costume.  The Humane Society would probably frown on the use of duct tape so we did NOT try it.  The CAHS  Pet Parade is tomorrow at Easton and the Muttster Mash is on Bethel Rd at Fitzgeralds benefitting the Franklin County Dog Shelter. 

I thought the ferret dressed as a pirate on the front page of section D of the Columbus Dispatch today was a cat at first. I don’t know personally how easy ferrets are to dress but I know I would not play dress up with a cat now. I did as a kid.  Kittens. puppies, rabbits, my younger brothers, whatever would stay still long enough.

For the full story read  Pet Costume Contest – Pet Projects by Joe Blundo of the Columbus Dispatch.  

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