Columbus Oktoberfest 2013

by Maureen McCabe on September 27, 2013

Happy Oktoberfest from ColumbusBesteDigitaleNetztagebücher.

Oktoberfest in Columbus
This weekend is Oktoberfest in Columbus.   Columbus Oktoberfest is September 27, 28 and 29 2013.

German food, German beer, German dancing, German singing…  Schmidt’s Cream Puffs and much more.

Columbus Oktoberfest starts at 5:00 today at the Ohio Expo Center / Ohio State Fairgrounds.  Oktoberfest admission is free.  Parking at the Ohio Expo Center / Ohio State Fairgrounds  is $8.
I am not sure I will get to go to Oktoberfest this year.  The photo is from the 2010 Oktoberfest.


In a recent (Wednesday)  New York Times Op-Ed piece titled ” How Do You Say ‘Blog’ in German?” Anna Sauerbrey wrote:
If English didn’t lend us one or two little words every once in a while, we would probably call blogs “digitale Netztagebücher” 

While I don’t like the word “blog” the term “digitale Netztagebücher” is really, really scary.  I can not even imagine how that would be pronounced.   I liked the word “blog” OK back  in 2005, 2006… I believe I stopped liking the word blog sometime in 2007.   I hate the sound of the word blog.  The word “blog” sounds so guttural.

I don’t know German.  It looks like the word “beste” is a good German word for the “best” in  I found “beste” in an online English to German dictionary,
The English to German offered other German words for the English word “best” including:
 ”äußerst · am besten · am günstigsten · am liebsten · bebst” 
…as well as “Beste”   The differences between “beste”,” bebst” and “am liebsten” are beyond me. I am kind of fond of  the umlaut  though… so “am günstigsten” is sort of appealing to me.
Ä, Ö, Ü

The point of the New York Times Op – Ed piece was that words like “blog” became part of their dictionary (Duden)  recently. It is controversial in Germany that cosmopolitan, English words like blog are invading their dictionary.

In 2006 the original Columbus Best Blog (another site, not this site) attracted some German people…  they were amused by the name of a Columbus, Ohio neighborhood, “German Village.”
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