Columbus Ohio Pumpkin Patch

by Maureen McCabe on October 11, 2011

Do you have a favorite Columbus, Ohio Pumpkin Patch?

Where will you buy your pumpkin?  It’s a poll.

I was wondering recently if we had any cute little “pumpkin patches” in Central Ohio or if it is all big agritainment now …all inclusive with all day passes, hayrides, petting zoos, pick your own, farmers market, refreshment stand,  fresh honey, apples and apple cider, corn mazes, camp fires, bouncy castles,  etc.


I came across a website about picking your own pumpkins.  It looks like the website is state wide but it has Columbus in the title.   The site is not a blog (does not allow comments), but the owner has posted comments they’ve received via email on various farms  / pumpkin patches / fall agritainment venues over the years. I just looked at Franklin and Delaware Counties.   Some of the comments posted by the site say they and their kids had fun but others are pretty petty…

  • the farm is not clean enough…
  • there are bees
  • they did not want to do pay for the hayride to the field… they wanted to walk but the mean old money grubbing farmers made them do the hayride

One Franklin Ohio “review”  says ” A visitor writes on August 14, 2009: “I live near this farm so one day my husband and I stopped by to get some apple cider. After that night I will never set foot on that property again. Neither of us could leave the restroom. Do not take your children there!”

Another says: “Nitpicky and uptite farm and staff, not for families at all! Perhaps she (why do I think it is a she?)  means “uptight?” Her scathing review is followed  by praise for another venue.

“Overpriced farm items, and money hungry. Not in it for the spirit of fall and families.”

It is a website that has been around a number of years.  No photos.  Just words, clip art kind of illustrations, funky fonts and ads.  It says you can link to any page on their site.  No thanks.

Vote in the poll? If you are buying a pumpkin (or pumpkins ) at a small pumpkin patch no one knows about use “Other” to say where. Please! I won’t tell anyone. I promise. (Just kidding it is public.)

Did you come looking for to tell you where the best Pumpkin Patch in Central Ohio is?  Experience Columbus has a list, it is from 2010 but most look like large operations.  Here’s a link:  Pumpkin Patches in Columbus and Central Ohio

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1 Rich Cederberg October 14, 2011 at 08:35 pm

Do you think some of those scathing reviews might have been written by competitors? It’s supposed to be fun people! Don’t be so uptight!

2 Maureen McCabe October 15, 2011 at 07:33 am

I wondered but I would not think farmers would have been online much…. or be that petty. Maybe the business side of agribusiness is that way… my prejudices showing!!! I noticed an Illinois agribusiness on the list (area code was one digit different than our 614) so I looked further and the Ohio page is part of a huge multi-state list of agribusinesses, not just pumpkin patches. I think the creepy critiques were there to spice things up.

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