Columbus OH – Talk like a Pirate Day

by Maureen McCabe on September 17, 2009

The official   Talk Like A Pirate Day site offers some some help with how to talk like a pirate.

“Ahoy!“  means “Hello!”

“Arrr” is a multi purpose word.

The dictionary, a list of Talk like a Pirate pick up lines and much more is on the page titled “Why talk like a pirate – and how”

“The point is, there is no point.”

Columbus Ohio from the Santa MariaColumbus Ohio we just happen to have an “old ship”  that does not represent a pirate ship but which is of the era so kids who love pirates can celebrate “Talk Like a Pirate” on the Scioto River.

The Santa Maria had a pirate weekend in May 2009 and is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate on Saturday.

The Santa Maria Columbus Ohio USA

Other things to do in Columbus this weekend?  Independents Day, Via Colori and more…  go to the Experience Columbus site for lots more fun.

The gorgeous photos of  the Santa Maria and Columbus  are from tlarrow’s photostream on Flickr.  The photos are licensed with a Creative Commons license.

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