Columbus Memorial Day Breaking News

by Maureen McCabe on May 24, 2009

Tomorrow is a trash pick up holiday in the City of Columbus. No trash pick-up in Columbus (or probably anywhere I am sure)

Looking for previous posts about Memorial Day here and on other blogs I have written I was struck that I mostly have posts about how the holiday affects trash pick-up in the City of Columbus.

How does that effect those of us in NAVY?

Our trash pick up day was Thursday… (remember… just three days ago…) this week our trash pick up will be Friday and will remain Friday until the next trash pick up holiday, Independence Day.

Does that means in July the NAVY area’s trash pick-up moves to Monday? Maybe, maybe not, the 4th of July falls on a Saturday this year. Is Monday July 6th, 2009 a holiday? In real life? In Columbus trash pick-up?

Well I guess all we need to know now is NO trash pick-up Monday May 25, 2009, Memorial Day. All zones fall back a day because of Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day City of Columbus, stay tuned to this blog for breaking news on trash holidays…

Columbus Ohio what a bunch of garbage

Color coded trash pick-up

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