Columbus Italian Festival

by Maureen McCabe on September 28, 2007

The Columbus Italian Festival  was moved back one week this year to coincide with Experience Columbus Days, the local celebration of Columbus Day. 

The Columbus Italian Festival in the Italian Village neighborhood and hosted by St. John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church.  This is the 28th annual Italian Festival.  It’s American-Italian Idol competition is the 4th Annual! 

The Experience Columbus Days site invites one and all to the festival.   There is a discount available with the flyer on the Experience Columbus Days site.

The Italian Festival site says: “church is at the corner of Hamlet & Lincoln Streets next to the Wonder Bread building. “

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October 7, 2007 at 07:29 am


1 tony October 4, 2007 at 11:53 am

Columbus italian festa is gonna suck this yr-you ought to pay us to come. The idiots had to change the dates to try to get more money and lost ray massas eurorythems. That was the only good entertainment. I wont go and pay them and i only live 60 miles away. Save your money,,there is much better things to do!!!!!

2 MaureenMcCabe October 4, 2007 at 02:50 pm

Gee Tony that’s the second comment I’ve seen from you with that sentiment. The other you left on my other blog on an entry from 2006. Frankly I have no idea what your problem with the Columbus Italian Festival is. Sounds like a vendetta to me… or maybe I should not be using that word with someone who comments with so much intensity and drama… hmmm I bet you are at the very least a big fan of Ray Massa’s Eurorythms so that’s why you are walking around sprinkling the acrimony laced with “ray massas eurorythems”.

I’ve never heard of “ray massas eurorythems” so I will not know what I am missing. I am sure the entertainment will be superb!!

I don’t live 60 miles from Columbus. It’s just a hop skip and a jump down to Italian Village and of course I want to support the church which has given so much to that community on this Columbus Day weekend in the biggest and best Columbus in the US.

Hope you have some “ray massas eurorythems” recordings to console yourself. Have a great weekend. Lots going on in Columbus this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by… move along I am sure you can find other places to sprinke “ray massas eurorythems.” I’d say “CIAO” but that sounds so fake and dramatic.

Turns out the group that Tony is such a fan of is based in the Worthington Ohio area. What a coincidence! They will be performing in Reno Nevada this weekend.

They do perform a lot closer to home. Lots of local stuff on their calendar… you could run into them locally.

The lead singer is named Tony! Is Tony who has commented slamming the Columbus Italian Festival a member of the band? Or just a rabid fan?

Tony whoever you are. You do the group more harm than good by running around the internet leaving nasty comments IMHO.

3 Dubliner October 5, 2007 at 03:27 pm

Well done, Ms. McCabe: Nice reply, perfect tone. Althought Irish on both sides, I always enjoy the Italian Festival in Columbus, and am looking forward to the food, drink and fun at the festival tonight!

4 MaureenMcCabe October 5, 2007 at 03:51 pm

Thanks Dubliner, I was afraid I might have sounded like a shrew and might have been better off to just ignore or delete Tony’s comments.

I have not been to the Italian Festival in years but I hope the date change is a positive for all participants.

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