Columbus Italian Festival Does Not Suck

by Maureen McCabe on October 7, 2007

In a comment here earlier this week about a post about Columbus Italian Festival:

“tony Says:

October 4th, 2007 at 11:53 am   edit
Columbus italian festa is gonna suck this yr-you ought to pay us to come. The idiots had to change the dates to try to get more money and lost ray massas eurorythems. That was the only good entertainment. I wont go and pay them and i only live 60 miles away. Save your money,there is much better things to do!!!!!”

Tony was wrong.  I went last night and the Italian Festival did not “suck.”

It is only $5 admission.   Use the “Experience Columbus Days” flier from Experience Columbus and get a $1 off.  For $4 it is quite a value.  Great music.  Great food.  The smells of the food alone are worth twice the price of admission.

I did not even miss the group who was not playing at the local festival in Italian Village that Tony had his shorts in a knot over.  I’ve never had the pleaure of hearing them, or heard of them. We listened to two great bands last night. 

Tony left a similar comment on my Discover Columbus blog on a 2006 entry.

The Columbus Italian Festival ends Sunday at 8:00 

Experience Columbus Days

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