Columbus – Cats Rule, Dogs Drool?

by Maureen McCabe on September 13, 2009

Columbus Cats Rule and Dogs Drool or vice verse?

I learned Cat blogging is OK

I learned that in a video of a presentation by Matt Cutts – Google employee and cat lover.

It was part of  10 things I learned from Matt Cutts at WordCamp 2009 I guess about blogging .

I went to WordCamp Columbus 2009… heck I still have it in my sidebar here don’t I?  Matt Cutts is a big shot with Google.  He was NOT at WordCamp Columbus I am referring to a long video of his presentation in Seattle? San Francisco…. someplace on the West Coast.

Matt Cutts is a cat person.

I was a cat person until I adopted my first dog.  Now I am a dog person with a step-cat.

Cat Welfare Columbus Ohio – Cat Caper has an event coming up in October in Clintonville. October 4, 2009.

“Cats to Caper in Clintonville”

Cat blogging is OK

As much as I love dogs, personally I think dog blogging can be annoying.

If you are in Central Ohio are you a cat person? A dog person? Other?

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