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by Maureen McCabe on October 3, 2009

sista-posing-2This is “Sista.”

Sista is a friend’s kitten.  She is Eric’s kitty.

This photo was taken the night of the USC game. I have not seen Sista since.  Hopefully she’s grown a bit and put a little meat on her bones.  I think Sista is always going to be an itty bitty kitty.

You can not tell from that photo how little she is though.  So let me share a second photo as long as I am cat blogging today.  Sista is a curious kitten.

That is not a huge cup she is  crawling into.  That’s your typical 8 12 ounce OSU beer cup. 12 ounce right?   There was not beer in it…  There was something better andsista-in-cup-2 Sista did not spill it.  Not enough weight on her to pull the cup over? Or a careful yet curious cat?

My friend’s first cat was named “Bubba.”  Bubba was also a black cat.   Bubba  may he rest in peace was a wonderful cat.  There are lots of funny Bubba stories.   My friend who is an agent in my office is from the south… actually he’s from Louisiana so the stories are told with an accent… Bubba is brother.  Sista is sister.

Cat event in Clintonville tomorrow….  the website says it is in the ‘Ravine District” of Clintonville.

To benefit Cat Welfare – Cat Caper but dogs are welcome to run in the 5k  too?  Wow isn’t that democratic?

“Dogs can share in the fun too! Leashed and friendly dogs are welcome to attend and race alongside their owners. Each participant in the 5K will receive a t-shirt (first 200 participants), a goodie bag with special offers from race sponsors, refreshments from our sponsors, and one raffle ticket. There will be awards for the top 3 male and female finishers and age group winners.”

People finishers… I think.

Not cats running.  It says this is the 5th annual 5K.  Cat Welfare was one of my favorite places when we were looking for a cat.  My “stepcat”  is not from Cat Welfare in Clintonville, he is from the Capital Area Humane Society but we visited them all to find him.

Columbus cat people or dog people?  – a poll

Sista is NOT from Cat Welfare in Clintonville.  We don’t talk about her origins, sweet little Sista kitty.    ;-)

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