Columbus casting call

by Maureen McCabe on May 15, 2009

The phone call came the day I was looking for people to vote for Erinn an OSU student to be on “Biggest Loser” in the fall. I blogged about voting for Erinn here on so I wondered if the phone call was related.

I wondered if it was someone playing a joke.

Michael Yates who described himself as “a casting director” on a new ABC SoapNet show called “Holidate”  left me a message about a TV show.

Yates said he found me through “ColumbusBestBlog”

He said “We’re going to be casting in Columbus and eventually shooting an episode of our show there.”

I had to look up what a “holidate” is online.  Found it in the Urban Dictionary.

Yates described the ABC SoapNet show as a  “very mature, sweet natured show”

“No elimination, no competition, nothing trashy…” he went on.

When he said  “We’re looking actually looking 27, 28 years old  to 42″ the game show disqualifying buzzer went off in my head.   The Holidate website says 25 years old to 40…

Yates went on “We don’t want 22 year olds on the show.”

Those poor 22 year olds.   I was disqualified long before that age thing…  really.

If YOU are the Columbus woman they are looking for here’s the Holidate application.

If you are in Columbus but looking for love anywhere but Columbus? Here’s more about the show…    Holidate Casting

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