Columbus Caddyshack

by Maureen McCabe on August 2, 2007

Remember Caddyshack?  Need a refresher? Caddyshack is the CAPA movie  Friday night at 11:00!  

I might not have noticed except I read earlier in the week that the Evans Scholars at OSU are getting a new $8 Million Dollar Home according to an article in Business First of Columbus.

I had not thought about Evans Scholars for years.  I must have known in high school and college what they were, about the golf connection.  I saw Caddyshack a number of time but mostly I remember the gopher.

I remember living in a frat house at UW one summer and a couple of the guys were Evans Scholars.  I wonder if I knew about the the golf connection… and forgot it.   

Noonan was a Evans Scholar huh?  

The present home of the Evans Scholars is an old OSU dorm? It may be sold back to the University?  That’s recycling.

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