Central Ohio Signs of Spring

by Maureen McCabe on March 20, 2007

Spring e-card Real Living

for sale signs….
orange barrels on the roads
pot hole work
more for sale signs…

Saturday March 24, 2007 celebrate the vernal equinox at Sargents Ohio (Pike County, about 1 1/2 hours from Columbus) Sargent’s Ohio is where the last passenger known pigeon was killed on March 22 (or March 24, 1900….according to Wikipedia – Passenger Pigeons) The event is at an Indian mound…

I called the extinct species a homing pigeon on Discover Columbus, but I thought I called it a carrier pigeon… homing pigeons and carrier pigeons still exist. Passenger pigeons Ectopistes migratorius are also known as wild pigeons…are extinct, have been since the early 1900s according to Wikipedia… I don’t know my pigeons…

Discover Ohio about the vernal equinox 2007 event… says of the history:

“The last passenger pigeon ever seen in the wild was shot by a boy in Sargents on March 22, 1900.

Historically, at vernal equinox, flocks a billion strong or more would return to the lower Scioto Valley, to begin the search for nesting sites.”

The image is a Real Living e-card… Happy Spring!

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