BIA Parade of Homes 2013: There’s an App

by Maureen McCabe on June 15, 2013

BIA Parade of Homes 2013 at Jerome Village: There’s an App for That!  Kinda

BIA Parade of Homes mobile app  2013 Parade

The BIA Parade of Homes runs from today, June 15 to June 30, 2013.  The 2013 BIA Parade of Homes is at Jerome Village in south-eastern Union County and the Dublin City School District.

There’s an app for that….

Last year there was an app for the Parade of Homes at Meadows of Lewis Center.  This years app is that same app?  Updated?  Recycling, reusing is good.

In 2011 the BIA Parade of Homes at Olentangy Falls used QR codes.  I don’t remember if the BIA had used QR codes in 2010 or earlier.  The 2012 App seemed like a vast improvement to me over the QR codes, but then again I have never been a huge fan of QR codes.  I like bar codes but the big black blotchy things are ugly!  People using them in funky ways…  The QR codes were used well for the 2011 BIA Parade of Homes.  They were posted near the front door.  People waiting to get into the Parade of Homes houses could use their mobile phone to find out more about the house.

The 2012 BIA Parade of Home mobile app (iPhone and Android) had more information about the homes, I believe than the QR code did.    On REALTORS ® Day at the 2012 BIA Parade of Homes at the Meadow at Lewis Center I helped a number of members load the app on their phones as they entered the event.  I probably helped more agents with Android phones than those with iPhones…  not that there was anything tough about putting the app on a phone.    I keep wondering though each time I update the app if I am doing something wrong because I see so much Meadows of Lewis Center still.

2013 Parade of Homes:  There’s an app for that, kinda

My BIA Parade of Homes App still says MoLC 2013phone is not purple… having a friend take a photo of the BIA Parade of Homes mobile app on my white phone this morning the phone look kinda purple.  The app has been on my phone for a couple of months.  A few months ago when I put the app on my new phone it  was the 2012 info but the info on the app has morphed to 2013 info kinda.  The “naturally inviting”  and “Awe inspiring” in the center is about the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes at Jerome Village.  The dates of the 2013 Parade of Homes are there too.

At the top the home page of the app (if that is what the first page of a mobile app is called) still is information about the 2012 BIA  Parade of Homes at the Meadows at Lewis Center…. ( or is the name of the neighborhood the Meadows of Lewis Center? That is what the app calls the neighborhood in 2013.    The award information on the app is all about the 2012 houses in the Parade of Homes, today too.  I remember it took some time for the 2012 mobile app to be updated with the info after the awards were announced at the 2012 Preview Party.    There is a black arrow pointing to the neighborhood name at the top.

The info on the mobile app is now updated to give directions to the 2013 BIA Parade rather than the 2012 event.  See map to area at the bottom of the screen?  Good info.

Go to your app store and download the free app.

 The 2012 Parade of Homes is on Pinterest too!

I  imagine 2013 BIA Parade of Homes photos will be on Pinterest too.

2013 BIA Parade of  Homes Preview Party

The 2013 Parade of Homes Preview Party was last night at Jerome Village.  I did not go.  ; – (  BIA Parade of Homes Preview Party 2013.

I went to the BIA Parade of Homes Preview Parties in 2011 and 2012.  The Parade of Homes Preview Party is where the awards are announced.  Or were in 2011 and 2012.  On Facebook last week I saw a builder saying they’d won awards… I wondered if they were talking 2013?  Were the awards being announced before the Preview Party on Friday night?  Things change year to year…

BIA Parade Awards

2011 BIA Parade of Homes Awards – New England Homes Won Big

2012 BIA Parade of Homes Awards

For more details, to purchase tickets, etc. visit the BIA Parade of Homes, website

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