Balletmet – Twitter Contest

by Maureen McCabe on February 8, 2010

BalletMet – Twitter  Contest

I am willing to share this with you even though it will decrease my chances of winning tickets  to BalletMets’s Midsummer Nights Dream… for Valentines Day 2010.

BalletMet – Twitter Contest

You tweet your worst Valentines Day. #BadVday   BalletMet

If you are on Twitter you can compete against me and anyone else for the worst Valentines Day ever.   Be sure to read the directions (in the link above.)   Basically you tweet your worst Valentines Day ever…  It started on February 1, 2010 and ends February 10, 2010, so we only have three days left… including today.    Creative writing time?  Or do you have a real bad Valentines Day you could recount in 140 characters, remember “be sure to include a reply to @BalletMet and the hashtag #BadVday.”

My bad Valentines Day?  I had to go back to unrequited love and a poorly decorated Valentines Day Box in 6th grade… Wonder if you just  tweet the same thing… or if some people in Columbus are using  I have to believe I am blocking something traumatic or at least bad  from  7th grade through 11th grade.   Or as an adult?  Maybe I will try some creative writing.

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