$50 Earth Fare Gift Card: the winner is…

by Maureen McCabe on April 30, 2012

Ashley Cronin won the $50 Earth Fare Gift Card Giveaway on ColumbusBestBlog.com

Ashley won the Giveaway by answering the question, which was just what you would buy with the gift card.   Ashley wrote that  she would buy organic cheese and fresh produce.

You could also enter by liking the ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ on Facebook.  Or by tweeting a phrase about the Earth Fare Gift Card Giveaway.

That’s my tomato from Earth Fare. Beautiful huh?  Tastes good too.  Or tasted.

Earth Fare - Columbus Ohio at Polaris

Earth Fare is at 1344 Gemini Parkway, Columbus Ohio 43240.  That’s just west of Polaris Fashion Place.  Just south of Costco.

Earth Fare  provided the gift card for the Giveaway.  Earth Fare gave me a gift card also.  Thanks Earth Fare!

Earth Fare opened last Wednesday.  I shopped at Earth Fare last Friday, mid afternoon.  They were pretty crowded…  Busy.


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