#45 Dublin Irish Festival

by Maureen McCabe on April 22, 2010

Dublin Irish Festival – is #45 of  ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio ‘ added  by John Cook an Ohio Wesleyan student and member of a Celtic punk band according to his profile… and the name of the Celtic punk band is…

EWE READY?  The 2010 Dublin Irish Festival is August 6 ,7 and 8.    The Dublin Irish Festival is always the first weekend of August.  The Dublin Irish Festival sneaks up on me some years.  Like last year it started in July….  but we still made it to the 2009 Dublin Irish Festival.

Dublin Irish Festival  2010  “Just like Ireland only smaller”

Cook added a link to the Dublin Irish Festival to the Facebook fan page too.  The thumbnail for the Dublin Irish Festival shows one of the groups who will be entertaining…all wearing plaid kilts.  The group pictured in the thumbnail  is the ‘Tartan Terrors.’

I love it when events are added to the Facebook  by someone other than me!  I love that.  I really, really love that.

John Cook ‘s  Facebook profile says about him:

“If you haven’t guessed yet I’m a big Celtic punk fan i love early punk. I’m in a Celtic punk band right now and i play bass. I am not the nicest person when you first meet me. I like Hockey and Rugby and I’m studying to be a paleontologist. And I know nothing of pop culture so don’t ask. “

Cook is wearing a kilt in his profile pic on Facebook.  Wonder what the name of the Celtic punk band he plays bass in is?  Have I ever mentioned how much I like it when people add legit  “Things To Do”  in Columbus to the ’365 Things To Do in Columbus Ohio’ Facebook page?

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1 John April 22, 2010 at 03:49 pm

The band name was St. Patrick’s Folly. I didn’t name it. If I remember correctly we have a myspace page with one of our recordings. It was a high school garage band. I’m still Playing bass just due to college we had to stop practicing. I’m still playing Celtic music with a few friends and working on starting up another.

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