#44 Creekside Gahanna… just hang out

by Maureen McCabe on April 21, 2010

Creekside Gahanna walking path#44 of  ’365 Things To Do in Columbus Ohio ‘ is hang out at “Creekside Gahanna.”   There will be lots of 2010 events coming up at Creekside Plaza  as the weather gets nicer  and I will certainly try to remember to feature Creekside Gahanna’s  “Second Saturdays”, their Gallery Walk (the Gallery Walk coincide with Second Saturdays I believe),  their jazz event in June and other  events, but #44 is  just go hang out…  and enjoy!

Hang out at Creekside Plaza.

I have a photo in my brain looking out over  Creekside Plaza…from a balcony in an unfinished unit at  The Residences  of Creekside.  Too bad you can not see the image in my brain… It was an idyllic scene on a gorgeous April night.  The   diagram on Creekside Gahannag gives an idea of the layout if you have not been there.  Seeing Creekside Plaza from a balcony at  The Residences of  Creekside  was an experience.

Just hang out and shop at the stores at  Creekside Gahanna, get an ice cream cone and enjoy the scenery, people watch….   watch the ducks… or are those geese?  I don’t think the paddle boats will be out yet….  Soon.

On a related note I was invited to an “exclusive” real estate blogger event at the Residences at Creekside last night, so there will be a post…not in ’365 Things To Do In Columbus’  but a regular post on CBB.com about the luxury condos built by Stonehenge Company, later today ( I hope.)     *This photo is one taken by my friend Judi Anderson with Real Living HER - Judi was my photographer for the “exclusive blogger” evening.  I obviously should have asked her to take a photo off one of the balconies facing the park for ’365 Things To Do In Columbus Ohio.’   Duh.  Or I could have  even used my camera on my cell phone to get a photo from the balcony of a huge condo facing the plaza (south…)

The photo here is the walking path by the creek, behind The Residences of Creekside, looking toward where the little “jetty’ where the paddle boats play…

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