The Mexican Place on Godown Road…

by Maureen McCabe on March 25, 2013

That Mexican place on Godown Road

Mexican Restaurant on Godown

I figured out the name  Taqueria Los Guachos translated to something like “taco place of the cowboys.”  Wrong.  Friends have recommended the Mexican restaurant for years. I bought a certificate for the restaurant on Godown Road in July 2011 because I wanted to treat friends who live nearby. They had never eaten there.  They eat at the Asian restaurant in the same strip mall.  Or do carry-out from the Chinese restaurant.  My friends  are not big Mexican food addicts but we’ve gone out for a meal together at Mexican restaurants over the years.   They’ve been back since our first trip to Taqueria Los Guachos a couple of weeks ago.

I’d heard things from others about how good the Mexican place on Godown Road is.  The “heard”  was more with Facebook and Foursquare check-ins than anyone saying  “Taqueria Los Guachos is yummy” in words.

The Mexican restaurant on Godown Road,  Taqueria Los Guachos did not honor the old, old certificate.  Taqueria Los Guachos  had stopped honoring the certificates years ago according to an employee.   An online  chat with employee the day we visited the restaurant made me believe the certificate was still good.  assured me it would work.

I don’t blame  Taqueiria Los Guachos for not honoring the certificate.   If you have a certificate for Taqueria Los Guachos  in your stash?  Turn it in and try again…  but try the Mexican place on Godown Road just north of Bethel Road.  You won’t regret it.

Looking at the restaurant’s Facebook page today it says:

“Monday’s at Los Guachos buy one taco al pastor and get one free!!!”

Gauchos are cowboys NOT cats…  but the word is “Guachos”

“Los Guachos”  The day before we visited the Mexican restaurant I said the name of the Mexican restaurant meant “cats.” I asked why a restaurant would name themselves after cats. Duh. That would be “Taqueria Los Gatos” not “Taqueria Los Gauchos.” He did not take six years of high school Spanish so he believed me.  I thought the name of the Mexican restaurant on Godown Road  made it sound unappetizing.  Cats…  it’s not like all the horrible rumors that surround Asian “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants.

The restaurant’s name is “Guachos”

Guachos are not cowboys.  Gauchos, “a” before “u” are Argentinian cowboys.  Guachos, “u” before “a” means orphans? Taco place of the orphans?

I am NOT a big fan of pork. I have only had taco al Pastor once before. It was OK…  I knew Taqueria Los Guachos had beef tongue and tripe on their menu…  very authentic Mexican food and mildly disturbing to me.  Maybe that’s why I bought a certificate in July 2011 and kept putting off using it.  Even when others were saying how good  the Mexican place on Godown Road is.

The photo above is one lonely al pastor taco… I got the other four were already gone.    We all tried the al pastor on our first visit.  Four of us, three different dishes but all were al pastor pork and pineapple.   I did not like the sound of pork pineapple and Mexican spices.  I liked the sound of  pork and pineapple better than the sound of  tripe and tongue though.  I loved the taste of pork and pineapple.

The habanero salsa on the tables is crazy hot.  I tried an itty bitty taste of the habenero salsa.    The littlest among us Saturday night ate the most habanero salsa.  Her husband wished there was some “Senorita Salsa”  for his burrito.  Or some sour cream, but the food in this  place is not Americanized.    I only tried what we believed was the mildest sauce on the table, the green sauce.  It’s already on the taco pictured.

The Mexican place on Godown Road was packed when we visited.  If you go:

Taqueria Los Guachos is at 5221 Godown Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235. 



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