365 Things To Do In Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on March 14, 2010

365 Things To Do In Columbus is a page on Facebook… I am not big on Facebook and Facebook is not big on me.  I have been a member for a long time but I just don’t get Facebook.  I am not trashing Facebook,  I just forgot to go back for months at a time.  Until a month or so ago I could not tell a page from a profile from a group on Facebook.  Facebook just does not come natural to me.  The number 5  “Things To Do In Columbus”  entry was just posted and looks horrible.

I saw real estate agents in other markets do a 365 Things to do in their city pages…  It was also inspired by a Columbus Dispatch article in March in 2007? 2008? where the Columbus Dispatch interviewed people in Columbus for a college basketball tournament about :

“there’s nothing to do in Columbus…”

I remember reading quotes kinda like the one above said in a childlike whine..  along with a litany of reasons location like the Columbus Zoo were not something they wanted to do between games.

One of my least favorite things to do on ColumbusBestBlog.com or anywhere is event posts…. I’ve started and stopped doing event posts on whatever blog I am on, so I am not sure why I would start something like 365 Things to Do In Columbus Ohio.  I have not committed to doing the 365 days consecutively either… It could take 9 years.  Or some of the “fans”  may start adding things and it could take less than 365 days…

Places posts I like to write.  To me “Things To Do”  are events or places…

I’m hoping the fans (yes there are fans on a page I started Friday) will start spouting things to do.  I think I have the page set up that way…. then again who knows.  I’m just not that good on Facebook.

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