365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio: Men Only

by Maureen McCabe on January 27, 2012

This week Olga Borodulin of Ohio State University shared something to do for guys on ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio.   A fun thing?  Well not exactly
Olga wrote on the Facebook ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio:
Hey guys, hope its okay that I’m about to shamelessly plug a research project but:

An opportunity for the males in the group–if you do this, you can get a BODPOD assessment (measures your actual total body fat), a consultation on your physical health, and most importantly, you’ll get into COSI for free!”

The COSI free is the fun part….
Olga shared more on ’365 Things to do in Columbus, Ohio’ a Facebook page about which men the study is looking for:
Labs in Life @ COSI is currently recruiting males ages 18-65 with a family history of prostate, colon, or kidney cancer. Participants receive a free Bod Pod (measures fat mass vs. lean mass) and a free fitness evaluation. Contact Labs in Life @ COSI for more information- PHONE: 614-437-4472 EMAIL: carmenswain2@gmail.com
More about the study:
Please consider this opportunity if you qualify; it’s pretty cool to be able to have a piece of paper citing your % body fat.
 Free COSI and a slip of paper saying you do not have a high percentage of body fat?  You don’t do you? Or you do, don’t you?  Body fat?  Your “Bod Pod” will be worth bragging about?
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