Who is calling Columbus "Cow Town"

by Maureen McCabe on November 13, 2009

Who is calling Columbus “Cow  Town? It’s in an email (e-notes I guess it is a weekly e-newsletter)  from the Columbus Board of Realtors.

“Zillow.com, a real estate market research firm, noted that metro Columbus was among 26 areas in the US that are seeing signs of market stabilization in the short-term. Median home value saw a year-over-year increase of 2 percent and is now at $144,400 in Cow Town”

The Columbus Board of Realtors e-notes had a link to an article from   Columbus Business First   Zillow: Home values move toward stability in 3Q

Does the  Columbus Business First refer to Columbus as “Cow Town.”  The Columbus Business First article says:

“Zillow.com said that homes in the Columbus area were valued at a median $144,400 at the end of the third quarter, up 2 percent from last year and the second quarter. Central Ohio is one of 26 metropolitan areas out of 156 nationwide that saw a year-over-year gain in median home value.”

Turns out the Columbus Board of Realtors is calling Columbus Cow Town, I am sure in a most affectionate way.

It’s a good thing.  Cows are nice.

More about Zillow.com a company that sets values on homes and people calling Columbus “Cow Town”

Columbus neighborhood home values -  from Zillow for Clintonville, Northland (I and II) and Northwest Columbus

Columbus – Captive in Cow-Town

Columbus – doesn’t “have a clue”

Columbus West Virginia

The National Association of Realtors announced a valuation system, RPR late last week.  RPR (I’ve heard it call Reaper) will be valuation of property kinda like Zillow’s Zestimates, only different.  I am not sure how different.  Some have said  “accurate.”   Others say RPR will be just as inaccurate as Zestimates.  Only time will tell.

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1 @CBRREALTORS November 13, 2009 at 07:39 pm

I'm Becky! I wrote CBR's e-Notes and I can assure you that I use the term "Cow Town" with nothing but fondness. I moved to Columbus a few weeks ago and absolutely love this town.

2 MaureenMcCabe November 13, 2009 at 07:54 pm

Thanks Becky, I love the term "Cow Town" if it is said lovingly.

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