by Maureen McCabe on April 8, 2010

Columbus Dispatch used “No Bull” in the headline earlier in the day since the word on the busy street was that it was a bull loose at the interchange of I70 and I 71…. but the title on Randy Ludlow’s article a few hours later reflected her gender and condition :   “Pregnant Cow on I 70″

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I was in a class in Westerville and heard it was a bull…

Turns out he was a she. 
She was pregnant. 
The calf was born. 
The calf is fine.  The Columbus Dispatch has a photo of the mom and calf.
Ludlow wrote:

” Meanwhile, the story was being milked for all it was worth on Twitter, with conflicting reports that the cow’s calf was stillborn or otherwise had died. Instant “news” is not without its faults, even in what some call “Cowlumbus.”

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