Cow Appreciation Day

by Maureen McCabe on July 19, 2010

Darn missed Cow Appreciation Day… it was yesterday July 18, 2010.

What would you do to appreciate cows in Columbus?

Drive to 161 or Sawmill Road to gaze at the OSU cows?  I was right on 161 in Linworth yesterday.  I could have easily gone west for a little cow gazing.   Another idea? Ice cream.  July is also Ice Cream month and that is the thing that I most appreciate cows for.  I coulda justified a trip to Jeni’s, Greater’s, Denise’s….

Thanks to Margaret Woda a real estate agent in the great state of Maryland, I know today is ‘stick out your tongue day.’   Sticking out your tongue?  Might as well be Jeni’s, Graeter’s, Denice’s involved.  Put Cow Appreciation Day 2011 on your calendar now!  and may I wish you a belated  Cow Appreciation Day…

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