#46 Columbus home of the slow-speed cow chase

by Maureen McCabe on April 22, 2010

Columbus Ohio home of the slow-speed cow chase or are the escaped cows moving fast?  Have the two April 2010 cow chases in the City of Columbus been high-speed chases  or slow-speed chases?  Columbus media ought to be capitalizing on the cows running in the streets of Columbus to get more air time.

Doesn’t LA news break in on local TV when there are high-speed or slow-speed car chases on their streets?

Wait…  is it “low-speed” or “slow speed?”  Anyone know how fast cows run in Columbus?   If we can determine the escaped cows can run fast we can resolve that issue with breaking news of  high-speed cow chases on the streets of Columbus.  The faster they run, the more exciting it could be anyway.

Yesterday two beef cattle were running around OSU… just a couple of weeks ago there was a pregnant cow loose at the 70 / 71 interchange…  initial reports were “bull”, but the media covering that chase determined she was an expectant mama cow.   Film clips, stories on all the local media.

Breaking news with Channel 4…  Cabot?  Channel 10 Andrea Cambern if she’s in the studio?  Channel 6, the pretty girl?  Columbus media is missing out an opportunity for face time.  Details at 6:00.

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