Columbus – doesn't "have a clue"

by Maureen McCabe on October 2, 2009

I noticed after posting  Columbus – Captive in Cowtown that  Buck is a Columbus home seller according to (a real estate website.)  After 20 years of captivity Buck  is escaping from Columbus, a place that seems to have not been a great place  for him to live.

Speaking of the citizen’s of Columbus Buck wrote:

“They basically don’t have a clue what a real city is like.”

In answering the question “Why do people call Columbus a Cow-Town?”  Buck said he’s lived in “may states.”  Buck  probably meant “many states”

“I have traveled and lived in may states, however, unfortunately, I have spent the last twenty years in Columbus, the Capitol of West Virginia, which is located in central Ohio.”

Really I think Buck knows Columbus is the capitol of the state of Ohio…

Somehow Buck was able to overcome the mind control that developers and real estate companies in Central Ohio have over the citizens of Columbus which holds them captive. Buck is moving from Columbus.  Did you know that brain washing is what keeps people from leaving Central Ohio?  Read Buck’s answer….

Warning this may  be offensive if you are from West Virginia.  Buck seems to have a bug up his butt about West Virginia.  Oh excuse me… I’m not sure where that came from.

“Why do people call Columbus a Cow-Town”

I was entertained by  Buck’s answer on first reading it.  I grow less entertained by it each time I reread his creative writing project on  ” Why do people call Columbus a Cow- Town?”

Thanks to Laurie Manny in Long Beach CA  for noticing the funny response on Trulia and sending it out to a list of my old social media real estate pals. linda-davis

I misthanked Linda Davis in Eastern CT  the other day… since I got an email from Linda and missed the original from Laurie.


Thanks to Laurie… the vivid image of Buck as Captive in Columbus is hers… Buck is setting up a monologue on the Trulia question.  He added another answer yesterday.

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